Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Is Your Essential Reading?

When not having Information Overload, I suffer from Information Guilt. I feel guilty that there is so much information out there that I haven't read. Considering that I'm homeless while traveling for a year, it seems completely irrational to have tossed out my extra pairs of socks because they were too heavy, yet I still carry around a sheaf of scientific journal articles and a few kilograms of paperbacks.

When I left Australia, I picked Henry Miller's 650 page Plexus as my leisure reading because the version I found was in nano-squint font. I didn't realize when I picked it that that book is about someone with a standard 9 to 5 job that gets fed up with it and decides to cut loose, quit his job, travel and be a living artist. Miller didn't start his own blog, but remember these were different times back then. It's taken months to realize that because it kept falling down to the bottom of my queue.

My brother has helped fueled my addiction by gifting me his collection of Great Courses, most of which are on DVDs. Each course has probably around 20 1-hour lectures. There are 50 courses I could picture myself doing (I might skip ones like a review of the Roman Moralists). In all, it's about 1000 hours of listening, or around 2 years of a daily commute.

This doesn't even get into everything out on the Internet. Trying to keep up with existing blogs is like trying to drink out of a firehose. I am most impressed by climate scientists with real jobs that somehow manage to bang out at least one new insightful post a day.

Well, to add to your own case of Information Guilt, I've added a blogroll of what I currently read and find useful. They are updated by who has the most recent material at the top. To find it, scroll down and to the right on the main page.

Have I forgotten anything? Put a message in the comments. Thanks, Tom

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