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Welcome friend! If you’re new here to The River Seers, you’re starting at just the right spot. This page holds a collection of the most read stories and writing, segmented out by theme.

Where does the name "River Seers" come from? 

10 Mottoes for travel and life
5 Tips for traveling and living
5 Favorite travel gadgets
Advice to students interested in studying overseas

Hydrologic oddities
Turf blisters
Upward flowing rivers
A river of garbage (Egypt)
An underground dam (Miyakojima, Japan)
The Yangtze turns blood red
The river whose flow nearly never changes (Dismal Creek, Nebraska)
Upward flowing waterfall (South Australia)
Disappearing waterfall (Silverband falls, Australia)
A lake that changes color (Linow lake, Indonesia)
A river that flows from a cave of bat poop (Gomantong Caves, Malaysia, Borneo)
The only dam used for military purposes (Peace Dam, South Korea)
A river of corpses (Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal)
An underground river (Sinks Canyon, Wyoming)
The loss of happiness (Disappearing river in France)
Qanats (Ancient water management structures in Iran)
Where two rivers become a creek (Australia)

Flood chasing
Streamchasers Chasing streamgages in New England (a Storm Chasers parody)
The Manila hydrologists sorting out the forecasts, Part I and II

Behind the scenes
Inside Iran's largest earthen dam
The Manggarai Gate Part I and II The gateway to the world's dirtiest river in Indonesia 
In the Shadow of the East Floodway What life is like on the banks of that river? 
Operation Watermark (a simulated flood disaster in the UK).This includes links to a week of posts about it. 

Thinking like a forecaster
Forecasts at the airport (why knowing uncertainty isn't necessarily a good thing)
If only we knew (and would anyone believe us?)

Interesting characters
The magic man of Shiraz (Iran)
The first forecaster I ever met (Dallas Reigle, Salt River Project, Arizona)

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