Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Mottos for Travel and Life

Following my recent post drawing parallels between traveling and living skills, here are a few other things I’ve learned this year. Post your own travel mottos in the comments section below.

As long as you look like you know where you are going, no one will ask any questions. It also helps to know where you are going.

Where you look is where you will go. For example, if you are riding a motorbike and keep your eyes on a tree, you will unconsciously steer towards the tree and hit it.

Get food, water and sleep. Even if you are in the middle of a disaster, do not unnecessarily deprive your basic needs otherwise you will get cranky. I have snacked while being robbed.
Yes, there was a hippo but I was also thirsty. It's called multi-tasking.

Do not assume that the laws in other countries (or even your own) make sense. Also, wild animals are unpredictable and do not think like you. Nature and customs officers do not care about your preconceived notions.

Do not lie to a group of strangers about your ability to play an unusual musical instrument (e.g. a didgeridoo or a banjo). Inevitably, someone will find one and ask you to give a performance.

The worst case scenario rarely happens. If it does, at least you will get a good story out of it. Unfortunately, the best case scenario is also rare.

Meet locals and accept hospitality when offered. Tourism is about new places, travel is about new people. My most rewarding experiences this year have involved home-cooked meals.

This is better than any restaurant.

Set many small goals instead of a few giant goals. When it is all over, you do not want to feel you achieved nothing.

Go home before you feel you have to. Start your return journey before you get exhausted else you will not make it back.

Hold on tightly. Let go lightly...

and play with children along the way.

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