Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nepal's Flood Early Warning Awareness Song

One of the greatest challenges of river forecasting in Nepal is communicating messages out to remote communities. Recently I found a song that was written as part of a competition to build awareness about flooding. It was sponsored by Practical Action a non-governmental organization that uses technology to challenge poverty around the world. Practical Action tried a long list of approaches and song competitions seemed to be the most effective and popular.

Local song competition about flood warning (source)
Even translated into English, the song is catchy!

Early Warning Awareness Song

If heavy rain falls in Dang
We get information from Chepang

Phone calls, siren rings
News will spread all around

“Warning, warning” says the team
Everyone wake up from your dream

Take your belongings
Save your life
As you hear the news

Collect your documents
Collect your jewelleries
Collect everything that you need

Phone calls, siren rings
News will spread all around

Run to the shelter
Run to the shelter
And help others reach the shelter

Do not forget old people
Do not forget the pregnant women
And those unable to walk
And also those unable to talk
Lastly don’t forget anyone
Especially the most vulnerable

“Search, search” screams the team
Rescue all those who scream

Phone calls, siren rings
News will spread all around.

Composed and sung in Tharu language by
Awareness Youth Club, Gulariya-6, Bardiya

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