Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Millions of blue whales threaten Bangkok

Aside from an angry mob using sledgehammers to try and break a sluice gate near Bangkok to relieve flooding in their area, the biggest threat right now seems to be the equivalent of 50 million blue whales worth of water approaching the city.

"People's lives get disrupted by these whales" (source)
A private citizen and animator made a bunch of fun yet informative and timely videos about the Bangkok flood. They compare the volume of flood water to the size of blue whales... Each whale is about 200 cubic meters and the total flood is about 100 billion cubic meters (or 81 million acre-feet if you aren't metric... that's 6 whales per acre-foot).

All of the videos are subtitled in English and have a 2-dimensional animation style not unlike South Park. So far here's the videos they've made:

Video 1: Why are the floods happening?
Video 2: How do you figure out the risk of flooding at your house?
Video 3: How do you prepare for the floods before they happen?
Video 4: What to do if you are actually flooded?
Video 5: How to handle displacement and evacuation?

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