Friday, July 13, 2012

Which US Cities Have The Best Weather?

Climatologist Jan Null created a “Camelot Index” to measure which cities have the ideal weather. From his page

“In this 1960's musical King Arthur professes that Camelot has a perfect climate all the year; and by royal decree at that! But actually an "ideal" climate is extremely subjective, with one person's idea of perfection being met with disdain by others. Some individuals may want warm beach weather all year round, while four distinct seasons are most desirable for others. What follows is just one person's (the author's) idea that an ideal climate is sunny and relatively mild with few extremes in temperature, humidity or precipitation.”

Here’s the map of the index, with higher numbers meaning better weather:


Here’s the top 10 best weather cities in the US

1 San Diego CA
2 San Francisco CA
3 Los Angeles CA
4 Sacramento CA
5 Eureka CA
6 Las Vegas NV
7 Fresno CA
8 Redding CA
9 Galveston TX
10 Key West FL

Not that surprising that California holds 7 of the top 8 spots.

And here’s the bottom 10 worst cities

10 Concord  NH
9 Syracuse  NY
8 Quillayute  WA
7 Sault Ste. Marie  MI
6 Anchorage  AK
5 Elkins  WV
4 Hilo  HI
3 Nome  AK
2 Juneau  AK
1 Mt. Washington  NH

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