Friday, April 22, 2011

The party's over even before it got started

Wilson's Prom pictures from Parks Victoria.

As the time for our year of travel comes closer, we're trying to tick all the boxes on things we'd like to do before we leave. If you say you want to do overnight hikes in nature near Melbourne, the Great Ocean Walk is usually the first thing people say... "But if you can handle a bit more driving you have to go to Wilson's Promontory."

On the tip of "The Prom" is a lighthouse that has cabins with lots of bunk beds and shared kitchens, just bring your food and sleeping bag... maybe bring your life size body pillow if you can't live without it. We got reservations months in advance and Easter is one of the craziest times of year for tourists.

Well, it turns out that two years ago the Prom was burned badly by wild fires (bush fires). And then a couple weeks ago massive flooding hit and destroyed a lot of infrastructure.

Apparently it was like someone took the prom, tore it up in little pieces and threw it up in the air. Nobody is getting in there anytime soon. Our reservation is not going to help us get across that gap in the bridge.

Plan B may be wreck scuba diving the Ex-HMS Canberra.

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