Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shopping for interviewing equipment

Over the next year I'm hoping to do a good number of interviews. A few folks suggested getting a handheld recorder, rather than having to worry about taking good notes. I sort of think that a tape recorder is less intimidating than a full camera. Despite any practicing or being told to relax, it is difficult getting comfortable at the end of the barrel of a camera.

I'm always baffled to see that something selling for $140 on the web in the US is $210 in Australia. Even the $30 international shipping doesn't make up the difference. Neither do currency differences- you could change 3 Aus dollars into 2 US dollars a couple years ago but now the AU$ is worth more than the US$. Someone once suggested that you can get great deals by searching for something misspelled ("camerra"or "camra" instead of "camera"). I can think of some great automated arbitrage that could happen here.

Do you know much about audio equipment and/or interview techniques? I'm all ears!

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